CDC adds new symptoms to list of COVID-19 effects

Experts suggest getting back into a routine can help combat the symptoms.
Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 6:47 AM EST
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(WILX) - The Center for Disease Control is adding to its list of effects from COVID-19.

Now health experts say anxiety, depression, and a condition called “brain fog” can have lasting effects on people who have recovered from the virus.

Health experts say people could experience struggles with memory loss and anxiety of getting the virus again.

A behavioral health specialist with Sparrow says there are signs to look out for when it comes to depression.

“You seem different. You’re a little less vibrant than you usual are or you’ve got a different routine,” said Sparrow Behavioral Health Director Timothy Davis. “You’re isolating more or you’re not responding to phone calls or texts like you usually do.”

Davis says a great way to combat anxiety and depression is to get back into a routine. Head to for more information on fighting mental illness from covid-19.

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