Game of the Week: Mason at DeWitt

The Panthers leave Mason scoreless 43-0.
Published: Nov. 14, 2020 at 12:08 AM EST
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DEWITT, Mich. (WILX) - This was an exciting Division Three matchup tonight between DeWitt and Mason. Both teams came in undefeated in the regular season eight and oh, but only one could come out on top, and that was dewitt who defeated the bulldogs 43 nothing, leaving them scoreless. And it was all thanks to dewitt’s playcalling on both sides of the ball.

“We were just going play-by-play and when you’re in the game, you’re not really thinking about any of it. I couldn’t of made those plays without the team," said DeWitt wide receiver Lukas Bresser. "Ty (Holtz) throwing me a great ball, up front really good blocks, and on that pick-six I had early on in the game I wouldn’t of made it to the end zone without the team blocking me. Huge shout out to those guys for making it happen.”

DeWitt got ahold of the ball early in the game, and never seemed to let it go. The team scored six touchdowns, an extra point, and three 2-point conversions. The Panthers have carried this dominating momentum throughout the entire season, leading them to a district title win.

“The whole key is you know we’re just trying to get better. I mean, we want to obviously continue to move on, and play for hopefully at some point a state championship, that’s everybody’s goal," said DeWitt Head Coach Rob Zimmerman. "Playing as well as we did both sides of the ball, certainly is a good thing. We got to get back to work on Monday and get ready for our next game, whoever that is.”

DeWitt moves on to the regional championship next Friday where they face the winner of Stevensville Lakeshore and Saint Joseph.

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