Video appears to show Whitmer kidnapping plot suspects training

Published: Oct. 19, 2020 at 8:41 AM EDT
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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (CNN) - New details are emerging about an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor.

The state attorney general’s office says a man from Wisconsin is the fourteenth suspect to face charges, and hearings are underway for six men with federal charges against them.

Evidence was played in federal court of the field training exercises federal prosecutors say were carried out in a plot to storm Michigan’s capitol and kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“I’m tired of being robbed and enslaved by the state, period. I’m sick of it - and these are the guys who are actually doing it, you know?” Suspect Brandon Caserta said in the video. “So, if, if, you know, if, if we’re doing a recon or something and we come up on some them, dude, you better not give them a chance. You better tell them to go or they’re going to die. That’s what it’s going to be, dude, because they are the f**** enemy -- period.”

The suspects' alleged deeds and words were shown to the federal judge so she could decide if there was enough evidence to go to a grand jury.

In this video, the lead FBI agent acknowledged in testimony that defendant Adam Fox is inside a basement appearing to be “speed re-loading” his weapon to “minimize the time that your (his) weapon is inoperable” in case of a “gun fight.”

Prosecutors said the video was taken inside a vacuum shop in Grand Rapids.

The owner of the vacuum store said Adam Fox lived here for the last couple of weeks. He says he lived down in the basement.

“That’s a basement where he stayed and he was only going to stay there 'til November,” store owner Briant Titus said. “He was buying more like attachments for like an AR15 than he was buying like food, and I’m not stupid. I was in the Marine Corps, so that I told him he had a go.”

Titus said he had no idea what was going on in his business' basement after hours.

The FBI testified that inside another defendant’s basement, they found an arsenal of weapons in a “gun locker,” including an illegal “short barrel rifle.”

Beyond the videos, the FBI says they also infiltrated encrypted chats and text chains, laying out the plot.

In one encrypted chat, the suspects allegedly use code names and discuss killing Whitmer, not just kidnapping her.

The FBI identified the code name Beaker as suspect Daniel Harris who writes: “Laying in bed, craziest idea. Have one person go on to her house. Knock on the door and when she answers just cap her. At this point, f*** it.”

Someone with the code name Tex responds, “Lol. Only if it would be that easy.”

Beaker replies, “I mean…f*** catch her walking into a building and act like a passers-by and fixing dome her then yourself whoever does it. Why create a man hunt. Do it in broad daylight and then end it.”

Tex replies, “Good point. Or recon the house and snipe her.”

The alleged plot was never carried out.

Whitmer continues to ask President Donald Trump to tone down his rhetoric to help prevent further terror plots.

He continues to ignore her. On Saturday, he called her a dictator, and when the crowd chanted “lock her up,” Trump replied, “Lock them all up.”

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