Federal judge gives ruling in kidnapping plot, Garbin’s attorney provides defense

Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 6:22 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - On Friday, a federal judge ruled Adam Fox and Ty Garbin are a threat to the public and would need to stay behind bars without bond until then. Five of the 13 men involved in the plot to kidnap the governor are headed to trial.

Federal agents testified they moved in on the men when they did because they feared someone may have been compromised and tipped off that there was a mole.

A federal judge gave the order for Adam Fox, Brandon Caserta, Ty Garbin, Daniel Harris and Kaleb Franks.

Judge Sally Berens ruled there is sufficient evidence that the five men conspired and were united in their plan so all five should stand trial. But, attorneys strongly disagree.

Attorneys for Ty Garbin tried to argue in court that his association with the others is not a crime and that he didn’t agree to the plot.

They presented him as a libertarian with strong anti-government views and a love for guns.

“What we’re talking about is a First Amendment right to assembly, a First Amendment right to speech. A Second Amendment right to possess guns and own guns and they keep saying that-and yet the bulk of their presentation relating to both luminary examination and detention is guns,” said Attorney Satawa.

Garbin’s attorney Mark Satawa further provided details on why he feels his client is innocent.

“Let’s be clear, we’re talking about guys who want to run around in the woods with guns and say bad things about the government,” said Satawa.

Attorney Mark Satawa said in court and continued to say after court was adjourned that his client Ty Garbin never agreed to a plot to kidnap the Governor and may have decided to not participate at some point.

“Saying something to an undercover FBI agent is one thing. This is a sworn law enforcement officer that is presumptively telling the truth and whatnot," said Satawa.

He also added that more charges could be coming to light in the future.

Judge Berens said her decision was based on the repetition of their actions and the building and preparing toward the alleged goal of kidnapping the governor. She added they all had a shared unity of purpose and the difficulty of the plan and unlikelihood of success was irrelevant.

Adam Fox waived his right to ask for bail.

The judge ordered Ty Garbin to be held without bond. She gave the same order for Franks, Harris and Caserta on Wednesday.

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