Escaped llama causes drama along Oregon interstate

The trooper took a photo to prove she had caught the “elusive I-84 llama.”
The trooper took a photo to prove she had caught the “elusive I-84 llama.”(Oregon State Police via Facebook)
Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 12:29 PM EDT
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(Gray News) - A stubborn llama gave an Oregon state trooper some trouble on Sunday when it refused to move from its comfy spot on the road.

The state trooper, dubbed “Llama Wrangler,” had been dispatched to an on-ramp on Interstate 84 to deal with an unusual roadblock.

“I got there and sure enough, a displeased mama llama was laying on the on-ramp,” the trooper recounted in a Oregon State Police Facebook post.

The llama had been traveling, along with two other llamas, from Utah to Washington in the bed of a pickup truck. The owner had fashioned a stock rack that, unfortunately, didn’t hold the three llamas as it went up the uphill ramp and the llama made her escape.

“Fortunately enough for the llama and myself, the speeds were slow, and traffic was minimal,” the trooper said.

After traveling a mile down the road, the owner discovered they were missing a llama and headed back. When they went to retrieve the “mama llama,” the other llamas took their opportunity and broke free, running along the interstate.

As the others ran free, mama llama chose to stand her ground.

“Mama llama refused to get up, as you could see by her displeased facial expression,” the trooper said. She said she told the owner that she would “llama sit” as the owner wrangled the other two.

The trooper took a photo to prove she had caught the “elusive I-84 llama.”

The owner eventually wrangled the three llamas back onto the truck bed and received a warning for “operating with a leaking or shifting load.”

Llama 🦙 wrangling may not be a required skilled, but here in #Oregon it sure comes in handy. Here is the firsthand...

Posted by Oregon State Police on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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