Dog helped detect breast cancer in sisters

Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 10:12 PM EDT
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NEW JERSEY, NJ (WILX) - A pair of sisters in New Jersey were made aware of their breast cancers at the same time. And, it’s largely due in part to a pug named Daisy.

One day, Daisy jumped on Amanda’s chest and she realized she felt a little pain.

“Mine was like a grape. And when she was like, ‘oh, mine is like a clementine.’ I was like ‘what?’ "said Amanda.

Then, her big sister Amy found a lump when Daisy jumped on her chest while watching television.

“Like a clementine, but it was not protruding. Okay. I know, I know that sounds very large and saying it,” said Amy.

Turned out Amy had Stage Three breast cancer and it had spread to her lymph nodes.

So, both sisters in their mid-thirties got double mastectomies. However, Amy also had chemotherapy and radiation.

Their oncologist Dr. Deena Mary Atieh Graham had never experienced anything like it before.

“This is definitely a first for me. Um, generally we recommend screening mammograms. Um, but you know, whatever way we can to, um, discover things as quickly as we can,” said Dr. Graham.

The doctor says their prognoses are good. Now, both Amanda Tasca and Amy Niosi are breast cancer survivors.

The sisters encourage others to go to the doctor if they have any alarming symptoms, regardless of age or medical background. They also encourage women to conduct self-breast exams.

For more information on breast cancer, click here.

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