Research shows most hospitalized for COVID-19 develop neurological symptoms

Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 12:08 PM EDT
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(WILX) - A recent study by Northwestern Medicine showed that most who are hospitalized with COVID-19 also suffer from symptoms that affect the brain.

The study looked at 509 patients who were hospitalized with the virus. Within that group researchers found that 82% experienced neurological symptoms at some point during the course of the disease.

The most frequent symptoms were muscle pain, headaches, and encephalopathy or altered mental function that ranged from mild confusion to coma. The death rate was notably higher in patients with encephalopathy compared to those without.

The most frequent neurological symptoms were:

  • Muscle pain (44.8%)
  • Headaches (37.7%)
  • Encephalopathy (31.8%)
  • Dizziness (29.7%)
  • Disorder of taste (15.9%)
  • Disorder of smell (11.4%)

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