Mayor of East Lansing extends City State of Emergency and Downtown Mask Order

(WILX 2020)
Published: Oct. 1, 2020 at 9:51 AM EDT
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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Wednesday, East Lansing Mayor Aaron Stephens signed an order to extend the City State of Emergency along with the requirement to wear a mask in all outdoor public spaces within the boundaries of the East Lansing Downtown Development Authority (DDA).

The previous mask order ended on Sept. 30.

Under this new order, as well as with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-153, masks continue to be required at all times in all public spaces in the DDA district, both inside and outdoors. Per Executive Order 2020-153, masks are also required in all indoor public spaces and all crowded outdoor public spaces throughout the remainder of the community.

“We need to continue to look out for one another during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, especially now that we are seeing a significant increase in cases in our community,” said East Lansing Mayor Aaron Stephens. “We are asking community members to continue to be vigilant by wearing a mask and keeping a six-foot distance from others when out in public spaces.”

East Lansing’s mayor is empowered to declare a City State of Emergency and issue orders, rules and regulations regarding the use of public property to protect life and property during the declared emergency under Ordinance No. 1488. A violation of the order is a civil infraction punishable by a fine of up to $25.

Although a mask is strongly encouraged even for people who are not required to wear one, the requirement to wear a mask in the East Lansing DDA boundary does not apply (under both orders) to individuals who are younger than five years old; those who cannot medically tolerate a mask; those who are eating or drinking while seated at a table/food service establishment; those who are exercising, when wearing a face covering would interfere in the activity; or those who are at a polling location for purposes of voting in an election.

While the extended order can only be in place for seven days, it can be continued through Oct. 31 with the consent of Council. It is expected that Council will be considering the order’s continuation at its special, electronic meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

The new proclamation and order can be viewed here.

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