Local businesses have issues with Grubhub

Grubhub creates issues with menus
Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 6:05 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Local businesses have been complaining about the delivery service Grubhub as some Lansing restaurants have been mysteriously showing up on the app. However, they never agreed to be on Grubhub. And on top of that, the menus are wrong.

It has been frustrating and confusing for some of these local owners. Some owners say they do not know how some of these items showed up. Whereas, others say they do not have the app and never signed up for the service.

But, how did their menus show up on a platform they never signed up for? That’s the question puzzling several Mid-Michigan businesses.

“One night I had several friends message me and ask me if Mac’s Bar was getting into the culinary business, which I found odd because the bar is not open and currently closed for obvious reasons. And, I looked into it and Grubhub had made a profile with our address, name and website, but it slapped on a restaurant called Mac Bar,” said Scott Bell, Mac’s Bar manager.

As it turns out, Mac’s Bar is a New York City franchise that specializes in fun macaroni dishes. This is very different from the college town live music vibe Mac’s Bar is known for.

“The idea of anyone eating food from Mac’s Bar is astonishing,” Bell said.

Mac’s Bar isn’t the only local business dealing with this issue.

You can find items like the gluten-free Rusty Taco on the menu for Mr. Taco. Yet, the owner states he doesn’t sell anything like it and is not affiliated with Grubhub or any delivery service.

Landshark apparently sells seafood like the Aha Tuna Tartare. But the East Lansing address listed is a business that’s been temporarily closed since March and the owner says they do not sell seafood.

These menu mishaps do not stop the service from accepting money and allowing customers to place an order. And, it has been quite the headache for businesses trying to get the problem fixed. They have even tried contacting Grubhub, but Grubhub has yet to reach back out.

In the meantime, they’re still trying to get answers from Grubhub about why it happened in the first place.

Grubhub responded to News 10 in a statement about the situation:

"Our mission since we were founded in 2004 has been to connect hungry diners with great, local restaurants. We send nearly 650,000 orders to restaurants a day, and restaurants have received almost $4 billion in sales from orders on Grubhub so far this year.

We partner with hundreds of thousands of restaurants across the country, and the overwhelming majority of our orders are and will continue to be from these restaurants we partner with. Starting in late 2019 in select cities across the country, we’ll add restaurants to our marketplace when we see local diner demand for delivery so the restaurant can receive more orders and revenue from deliveries completed by our drivers. This is a model that other food delivery companies have been doing for years as a way to widen their restaurant supply, and we’re trying it as well to close the restaurant supply gap created by our competitors.

We strongly believe partnering with restaurants is the only way to drive long-term value in this business, which is why we’ve voiced our support of HB 5770 and similar bills in other cities that work to prevent non-partnered restaurants from being listed on platforms without the restaurant’s prior consent.

If a restaurant prefers not to be on our marketplace or needs to change any information like menu items or hours, they should reach out to us at, and we’ll work as quickly as possible to make necessary updates or remove them."

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