Ben Shoemaker Diary Entry 8/24/20

Covid & the Classroom
Covid & the Classroom
Covid & the Classroom(Jennifer Watkins)
Published: Aug. 26, 2020 at 11:59 AM EDT
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Opening Day 8/24/20 - With excitement and some trepidation, I headed into school for our opening day of school for staff. Over the past 19 years, I have had a lot of different feelings going into these meetings and opening day speakers.  As usual, I am excited to get back and work with my students but also this day is one I look forward to because I get to see my second family here at school.  Today I parked my car in my usual place, but then I filled out my Covid-19 screening form on my phone, put my mask on, and went into my room.  It is strange to walk into a room that looks like it did when I walked out the door months ago it is a moment frozen in time, it is a feeling I have never had in 19 years of teaching.  So, in this “new normal” I got my zoom link pulled up at my computer and waited for the show to start.  It was strange to sit in front of my computer instead of in the auditorium.  I feel like I should be sitting halfway back on the right-hand side as I do year after year, ready to see new faces in the district, listen to the grand plans for the district, and be worried that I don’t have all my supplies put away yet.  It had some of the same feel and some of the same sentiments, but it was different.  As our meeting had technical issues here and there, I am reminded that I need to be flexible and ready to adapt.  I was a little frustrated but then I took a breath and think about how blessed I am to be in this time, to be challenged this far into my career, and the resources we have at our disposal to try and make this work.  I hope as we start students and families realize the challenges we are all facing, I know it won’t be perfect but I know our teachers and staff will be doing everything they can to help our students be successful.

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