Back to Learning: Teachers have concerns about technology for the new school year

Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 11:01 PM EDT
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Tuesday Mid-Michigan teachers telling News 10 how they’re preparing for their first day of virtual learning.

Lansing teachers say their biggest obstacle will be the technology.

“The technology has definitely been, you know the biggest challenge for all of us I think it’s new,” said Connie Larson, 8th Grade teacher at Gardner International Magnet School.

Less than a week from their first day teachers say even though they’re concerned that won’t stop them from having a successful year.

“Patience with us and patience with you. We all have to know that this is new and different for all of us,” said Larson.

“Lansing schools district teachers rock! We’re ready to go were ready to support our kids and our families and be there for them,” added Larson.

Some teachers plan to teach from their classroom and say they will teach as if they are actually together.

“They’re going to be in my room with me online, live so it’s going to, you know, be comfortable for me in my normal setting and hopefully as much for them as possible,” said Larson.

Other teachers say it’s not so much the technology they are worried about its the students.

“Will the student log on? ,” said Alfonso Salasis, Lansing Educator.

“Are they truly going to be connected and time oriented and who’s going to be there to say make sure you do your... The following... So all that is going to be a little bit extra and how are we going to manage that too? ,” said Salais.

Lansing educators say they will do their best to bring the magic of in-person teaching to screen to screen learning.

But ultimately their main goal is the students health and safety.

Lansing teachers head back to the classroom on Wednesday to continue preparing for the first day of school.

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