Tutors prepare for increase in demand this fall

Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 3:43 PM EDT
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As more schools go online-only or try blended learning, more parents are lining up for extra help for their kids through private tutoring.

Jessica Rollins owns four Sylvan Learning centers across Michigan. She says parents are making plans to ensure their children are on track.

"We can help students stay on track for their virtual classes, chat with their classroom teacher to make sure they're doing what they need to, making sure they're turning in those classroom assignments, all of the things that parents struggled to stay on top of when we did distance learning in the spring," said Rollins.

Her locations have been getting increased calls from interested parents.

“A lot of parents have been waiting to call until they’re getting the news from districts, so they know exactly what they’re working on. So definitely this week our calls have increased,” said Rollins.

Calls for in-home tutoring have also increased with The Master Tutor.

"I am expecting more calls. I just had three calls yesterday from parents who are interested," said President Tim Mulvaney.

Both tutoring businesses only expect the demand to increase and are already preparing.

"We're probably looking at increasing our tutor numbers by 50%. Last year we had probably about 25-30 tutors, so I'm looking at maybe going up 50% more in tutors this year," said Mulvaney.

“We are limited in capacity with the amount of students we can help in our facilities.So we’re reaching out to local businesses that have a lot of employees and asking maybe if they have a conference space that they aren’t using right now that we can come to that space and parents could drop their kiddos off for a couple hours in the morning and get some in-person work done,” said Rollins.

Sylvan Learning Center is hiring additional state certified teachers.

The Master Tutor is looking for college students to join their team as tutors.

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