Details revealed in MI teen kidnapping

Published: Jul. 21, 2020 at 10:43 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - A suspect by the name of Reyes was involved in the kidnapping of a 15-year old Michigan girl and is now facing a series of charges. Those charges include kidnapping and torture.

“The injury sustained by the 15-year-old we do believe is life-threatening. If the officer had not found her at that point in time and they had left there and went to another secluded area, there’s a possibility she might not have made it,” officials say.

Investigators say they do not have a motive in the case. However, Reyes is expected to be formally charged in the next few days.

Detective Captain Randy Fewless of Grand Traverse says the deputy found the 15-year old in a locked car with the windows up in a parking lot at Chums Corner.

“He was able to get her attention eventually and have her unlock the vehicle. He was able to remove her from that vehicle and put her in his patrol car. Literally as he was getting her into the car and shutting the door he turned around and the suspect was exiting the business at that point,”said Detective Fewless.

Detectives say Reyes looked like he may have wanted to run, but he complied with orders to stop. The deputy approached him and took him into custody.

It was relayed to detectives and officials that the incident began when a 13-year old girl and 15-year old girl met up with Reyes and got in his car to retrieve some belongings Reyes had.

Deputies say Reyes then took them to a nearby construction site on Lafrangier Road where authorities believe he got a hammer and used it to assault them.

It was also relayed that Reyes let the 13-year old girl go. Detectives maintain that Reyes was not a stranger to the girls. It is known that the girls and the suspect knew of each other well before the attack.

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