Sanford, Midland still need help after catastrophic flood

President Donald Trump declares Midland disaster area two months after flood
Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 3:55 PM EDT
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SANFORD, Mich. (WILX) - Sanford resident Lisa Valentine said there’s still a lot that needs to be cleaned up after a catastrophic flood devastated the Midland area.

Two dams failed May 19, leaving 35 feet of flooding in its wake. Two months after the flood, President Donald Trump declared Midland a disaster area.

Residents will receive $43 million in federal funds to rebuild and recover.

“There are trees, there are kayaks, there are propane tanks, there are paddle boats, docks,” Valentine said. “You name it, it’s there.”

The flood destroyed several homes. Valentine is currently displaced from her home, which was flooded.

Valentine said there are hundreds of people that still need to clean out their homes.

“We need help clearing out homes and some of the businesses,” Valentine said. “You’re talking about thousands of people that were affected by this.”

Since the flood, there are still parts of the Midland area that are without electricity. Valentine said this has caused a lot of looters to come to the area.

“Where everybody was flooded there really is no electricity so at night it’s pitch black here,” Valentine said. “So now we have people volunteering and driving around at night to make sure they’re not trying to steal what little we have left.”

Valentine’s home was a rental and although she is living elsewhere for the time being, she said it’s not permanent. She is looking into possibly purchasing a home in the near future.

Valentine said she wants to stay in Sanford so her six-year-old grandson can continue to go to school in the area.

As for the damages, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said there are about $190 million in resident losses from the flood.

There is a lawsuit against the owner of the Edenville Dam. Boyce Hydro Power is accused of neglecting the infrastructure, causing it to fail.

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