Delta Township Fire Department warns about accidental fires this summer

Published: Jul. 6, 2020 at 10:00 PM EDT
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The Delta Township Fire Department says it’s seeing more brush fires during the summer season.

News 10 spoke with Mike Ruster who holds multiple positions at the Delta Township Fire Department. He says they usually see more fire accidents during the dry summer weather because it’s easier for fires to catch when people aren’t paying attention.

Ruster says as summer activities continue it’s important to be careful when lighting any type of firework or lantern and to always keep an eye on your campfire.

“People flicking cigarettes out... There are a few smokers that will just kind of toss the cigarette butt out the window. With this dry weather you’re going to end up having those grass fires on the side of the road,” said Ruster.

“Make sure that when you are done with the campfires to make sure you do completely put them out because embers and stuff could fly into the air and catch fire somewhere else, so just make sure you’re putting water on them and make sure they’re completely out before there unattended,” added Ruster.

Ruster says if you plan to have a campfire be sure to keep a hose or a water bucket nearby. He also recommends calling the fire department if a situation ever gets out of control.

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