Victim’s father shocked by plea offer

Julie Mooney and Kaylee Brock were brutally murdered in May of 2019. Their killer was offered a plea deal that would let him walk free in 30-50 years.
Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 7:49 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - It’s been over 400 days since Kaylee Brock and Julie Mooney were brutally killed.

Their accused killer might have a chance for parole.

Kaylee Brock‘s father says he was shocked to hear about the plea offer.

“I can’t imagine that 30 years from now, a man who did such horrible things to human beings would be able to walk among us again,” said Roger Brock.

Kiernan Brown is charged with killing Brock and Mooney in early May of 2019.

Kiernan Brown is charged with the May 2019 murders of Kaylee Brock and Julie Mooney.
Kiernan Brown is charged with the May 2019 murders of Kaylee Brock and Julie Mooney.(WILX)

While Roger Brock wants to see him convicted, he wants it to come from a jury trial, not a plea bargain.

“My daughter doesn’t get the opportunity to walk among us, Julie doesn’t get the opportunity to walk among us. We don’t get any parole or reprieve, Kaylee and Julie didn’t get any reprieve, so why should this person every get a reprieve?” said Brock.

Those sentiments were backed up by Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth, who asked Attorney General Dana Nessel to take the case away from County Prosecutor Carol Siemon.

“To get out and potentially have the ability to kill again scares the death out of me,” Wriggelsworth said. “Both families think this is nowhere near justice for their loved ones, and I agree with them.”

Brock and Wriggelsworth aren’t confident even the maximum 50 years in the plea deal could change who Kiernan Brown is.

“He made the statement he wanted to be the greatest serial killer of all time, he hasn’t done that yet. So he’ll have 30-50 years to think about how he’s going to complete that?” said Brock.

“He freely admitted that he was going to kill random people until he got caught. If there ever was someone who deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life, Kiernan Brown is it,” said Wriggelsworth.

Sheriff Wriggelsworth told News 10 it’s abundantly clear the prosecutor is more focused on getting Kiernan Brown a hearing in front of the parole board than she is getting justice for the victims and their families.

Siemon tells me the plea bargain offer has been misconstrued.

On paper it says Kiernan Brown could be sentenced to as few as 30 years.

But she says the big picture idea is to take "Life without parole" off the table.

The sentencing guidelines would call for 30-to-50 years at minimum, with 75-to-99 years as the maximum.

That still doesn’t sit right with Brock.

“How do you murder two people, brutally, and get offered a plea deal that’s less than life in prison?” He said.

Siemon says it’s a matter of reform; she says she’s done research, and found a study out of Stanford that monitored 860 homicide convicts that were released on parole.

According to the study, not one committed another homicide, and only five committed another felony.

Siemon told me the prosecutor’s office discussed recommending “due to the heinous nature of the crimes, the minimum sentence be at the high end of the range.”

That means Kiernan Brown could spend a lot more than 30years in prison.

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