Larry Nassar's victims turn sights to MSU

The victims of Larry Nassar spoke after his federal court sentencing about turning their sights to MSU and the civil lawsuit they're a part of.

Midday Wx 3/23

Midday Wx 3/23

Officers recognized after saving woman trapped under her bed

Two Miami Beach police officers saved an elderly woman who was trapped under her bed for six days.

Schools Rule: Robotics Competition

Lora Painter spoke with students at Waverly High school who are on the Robotics team about a competition.

Firefighter dead after building collapse

A Pennsylvania firefighter is dead after a building collapse.

In My View: 03/23/18

In Friday's "In My View" Tim Staudt talks about the upcoming Tiger's season.

NAACP want 2 police officers fired

Members of the NAACP in Louisiana want 2 police officers fired after a 2016 shooting.


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