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Toys For Tots drop off at WILX

Behind the Curtain at The Lion King

The Shows Puppet Master Talks About the Magic of Bringing the Characters to Life

In My View 7/23/2018: Big Ten Media Days

Football season is around the corner-- Big ten media days are today and tomorrow in Chicago. The theme likely will be the same as it has been in recent years.... who can dethrone Ohio State? The two most popular coaches for reporters are again Urban Meyer of Ohio State and Jim Harbaugh of Michigan. MSU's Mark Dantonio gets respect, but few think the Spartans will be title contenders in Indianapolis. Other themes-- can someone like Wisconsin beat Ohio State in the Big Ten title game? Stay tuned to channel Ten for coverage on the scene from Chicago.

Zach Severns works hard to keep the Lugnuts field in great condition

Hot conditions have stressed many lawns in the area, but the Lugnuts field is still green.

7-22 PM Weather

7-22 PM Weather


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