WATCH: Floating ice disc in Pine River

This video shows a perfectly circular ice disc spinning in the Pine River.

Couple picks up their history.

An East Lansing couple reminisces on their first home, after the building is torn down. The couple receives a piece of the building from when they first lived there in 1967.

Parent speaks out against staff member under investigation

Parents and students at Webberville High School speak out about a recent allegation regarding an inappropriate conversation between a staff member and a student. Staff member is on administrative leave as of October 13, 2017, according to the Webberville superintendent.

Holiday shopping starts early

A recent survey finds many Americans are already getting an early jump on Christmas shopping, and stores aren't waiting for Black Friday to offer up deals.

Letter arrives 62 years late

A letter mailed in 1955 has finally been delivered to Detroit resident Allen Pearlman, thanks in part to the family now living in his childhood home.

Use caution when buying pet medications online

Use caution when buying pet medications online


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