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Breaking News 4pm

Breaking News 4pm

Order signed to limit what alleged victims

In a motion hearing on Wednesday morning, judge Rosemary Aquilina signed onto a motion that will limit public comment from alleged victims and attorneys in the Nassar case.

MUST WATCH - Waiter's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Photo shows IHOP waiter helping disabled customer with her meal, something he does nearly every week.

Girl's hands burned from homemade slime

Girl's hands burned from homemade slime

Reactions to non-discrimination ordinance, possibilities

The Jackson City Council decided to postpone their final decision on the non discrimination ordinance until April 11th. In the meantime, people have a lot to say about the ordinance.

Headband to help coaches determine if a player gets a concussion

MSU professors have developed a headband that will give a reading of impact sustained, giving coaches a good indicator of whether a player sustained a concussion during the course of a game.


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