Selected Community Events

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Take it from the Top

Wharton Center; 750 E Shaw Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824
A unique musical theatre workshop in which students learn music, dance and theatre from Broadway professionals and perform for an audience at the end of the workshop. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in theatre, this is your chance to sharpen your performance skills and expand your knowledge about auditioning and the casting process. Learn about the performing arts from people who are actually doing it!

Participants learn the craft of musical theatre from basic to advanced skills, industry history and practical content in an exciting, fast-moving, interactive setting.

Everyone is a student of the arts and can find their own voice through music, dance, and theatre. TAKE IT FROM THE TOP offers participants a chance to experience Broadway with the pros. Learn, work and sharpen your skills in a creative and fun environment. If you ever wanted to be on a Broadway stage, now is your chance to perform and pick the brains of working professionals!

(517) 432-2000