ECLIPSE 2017 - Information, articles and live video of total eclipse

19-year-old girl held against her will, messages mom for help

Man killed in I-94 crash identified

MSU Observatory hosting viewing party for the solar eclipse

Bill Cosby hires lawyer who defended Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson

Police in Spain shoot man with possible explosive

Chile court rules in favor of abortion in some cases

Pentagon chief confirms Navy probe of accidents

Judge shot, wounded near Ohio courthouse; suspect killed

State Lawmaker introduces bill to protect parents from eavesdropping charges

London's Big Ben goes silent for 4 years

Americans stake out prime viewing spots to see sun go dark

Police: 1 dead, 1 hurt after go-kart, motorcycle collide

President Trump to outline Afghan strategy in national TV address

Northwestern prof, Oxford worker to stay jailed before trial

U.S. and South Korea Begin Military Drills

University of Texas removes Confederate statues

1 dead as van rams bus stops in Marseille

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