90-mile walk from Detroit hopes to bring attention to deportation

Investigators find no cause of Meridian Magnesium fire

Lansing City Council approves Mayor's Budget

Florida city warns residents of power outage, zombies

A new trend in makeup that put one local woman in the hospital

Former Michigan Chief Justice named MSU's top lawyer

State Police arrest 16 for trespassing at Grand Tower

Neighbors sick of un-mowed city lots

Couple takes son to court because he won't move out

ADHD could be biological

Don't overwear your contacts

Man tackled after rummaging through 'suspicious package'

Police want to know who blew up a mailbox

First responders conducting live fire training at airport

Eczema drug may help asthma sufferers

Young named MSU Vice President and general counsel

Judge orders teen to pay $35 million for starting a wildfire

Officer's death: Searching at night for suspects

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