Spring Sports Flooded Out

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WILLIAMSTON (WILX)-- Local schools should be a few games into the spring season by now, but the recent wet weather has changed that. The wet and soggy conditions on fields across mid-michigan have canceled more games this year than ever before for some sports.

College sports aren't the only ones that have been affected by the rains. Some local high schools had to cancel more games than they can reschedule.

"We started almost three weeks ago and we have not been able to play," said Williamston Athletic Director Michael Freeman.

Some sports like softball haven't even gotten a single game in yet.

"We're like 17 games in the hole, and we never get to practice outside because it's always raining," said Grand Ledge Softball Senior Sam Neirink.

Track's even having the worst season they've had in a decade.

"I've been coaching since 1991. Before this year I've only canceled 3 meets. We've canceled 3 in the past two weeks," said Williamston Track Coach Mitch Lutzke.

The weather has made it dangerous to play on the fields.

"We had some bone jarring with a couple ankles. One girl had an ankle issue indirectly related to playing on a frozen field," said Freeman.

And being cooped up in a gym has made it hard for students and coaches a like.

"JV and Freshman are struggling because they don't know how cool it is for high school sports in the spring because they're just sitting in gyms," said Lutzke.

Rescheduling the canceled games is no longer an option at this point.

"There's just a point where you can't reschedule the games because they are all prescheduled. You can only have so many games in a week," said Freeman.

Now that the fields are no longer flooded, coaches and players just hoping the rain holds off for a few more weeks.

"I just want to play a game. I don't care if it's raining I just want to play," said Neirink.

Because the fields had a day to dry,, schools tell us tonight's games should go as scheduled even if it rains, unless there is thunder and lightning.

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