Lansing Lugnuts Hire for 2013 Season

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LANSING (WILX)-- Some locals were looking to score big at the Lugnuts Job Fair in Lansing. The Lansing team will be back to the stadium soon and apparently so will a lot of new employees.

"I really like Lugnuts and I'm a great baseball fan, and I love baseball," said new Lugnuts Employee Jason Young.

Young's love for baseball wasn't the only reason why he was one of hundreds of people that spent their Saturday hoping to land a position for the Lansing Lugnuts. Young has been unemployed for a year, and this job puts him back on his feet.

"It means I can provide for me and my family, and be a household provider," said Young.

This year Lugnuts had more than 200 positions available, but more than a thousand people showed up to apply which shows just how tough the job market is.

"That's why the ball park was built down here, for economic development and to boost the downtown area. People who have seen the past 18 years have seen the development and I think people are very prideful working for us," said Lugnuts General Manager Nick Grueser.

The gates to the Lugnuts Stadium officially open April 11th for their 1st game. That's when the people that are being hired at this job fair will get their first taste of what it's really like to be part of the Lugnut team.

"Their the front lines of what the fans see. When fans come to buy a ticket at the box office, or come to scanning the ticket at the gates, or buy a hot dog, these are the people they interact with the most and it's extremely important to our business," said Grueser.

The team was looking to fill mostly seasonal positions from cashiers to on-the-feild entertainment. But even the shortest jobs will make a difference for some.

"It'll be my second job because I'm looking to save for putting myself through college," said new Lugnuts Employee Brooke Pennell

Season tickets are already on sale for the team's exhibition game against michigan state in april, but individual tickets will go on sale march 20th.

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