Detroit Rock City

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DETROIT (AP) -- With three of its four major franchises advancing deep into the playoffs, Detroit has been named North America's top sports city by the Sporting News.
The magazine named the Motor City No. 1 in its 2007 annual ranking, which was published in editions that hit newsstands Wednesday.
"Although it didn't bring home a title like some cities, Detroit benefits from having a full complement of very good teams and terrific fans to cheer them on," executive editor Bob Hille said in a written statement.
A winning season is the most important criterion in creating the ranking, according to the magazine. Other criteria include sports atmosphere, playoff berths, bowl appearances, tournament bids, championships, quality of competition and overall fan fervor.
Chicago, which received the designation in 2006, ranked fourth this year.
The top 10, in order, are: Detroit, New York, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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