Goalie Saves Local Fashion

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Most professional athletes use the off season to rest and recuperate, but not Ryan Miller. Miller is a lot of things you've probably heard of, like a former Spartan, a current Sabre, and a reigning Eastern Conference All-Star... But the owner of a clothing store?

"It surprised his mother and I a little bit," Dean Miller said.

And Dad's not alone. It might surprise a lot of people to find out this NHL star has opened a trendy clothing store in downtown East Lansing. But like he's done throughout his entire hockey career, Miller is finding a way to get it done and working a second job during his offseason.

It's my store," Miller said, "it's my butt on the line - so I'm out here trying to make it work."

But the business venture has been rewarding for the man between the pipes, just ask Ryan: "It's nice to use my degree. I finished here with a business degree and I've just been having some fun applying some of the stuff I learned at Michigan State, because I definitely apply the hockey I learned there and it's nice to use my education. Two things I credit Michigan State with that I'm able to use."

And although Ryan will most likely be there to greet you if you decide to pop in, don't be surprised to see another familiar face - as the entire Miller family will take turns behind the register.

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