Spartan Fantasy Football Camp

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Some Spartan football want-to-be's were up early this morning running drills with Mark Dantonio's staff at Spartan Stadium... It was the second annual fantasy camp run by Michigan State and a once in a lifetime experience:

Especially for all those 40, 50, and 60-some thing's out there, dying for a day in the life of a Michigan State Spartan... As long as they stretch first of course.

I'm going to Rome next Friday for my 40th wedding anniversary so my wife said if I get hurt she's going by herself, so I better be careful out there.

"You know it's all in good fun. We want to make sure they stay safe and they return home in a good physical condition, not get to hurt," 64-year-old Allen Klein of New Jersey said.

But all joking aside Monday morning did provide one rare opportunity.
When you're 64-years-old I think most things that are never going to happen have happened already.

Twelve-hundred dollars -- that's the price for 15 middle-aged campers from East Lansing all the way to New Jersey to live their dream of walking out of the tunnel and onto the field here at Spartan Stadium. For them, it's money well spent.

"I remember being a freshman here in '66 and watching that National Championship team and saying, 'Man I'd like to be out on that field,'" Okemos native Dave Harilla. "I'm not sure what man wouldn't like to be out on that field. And so here's your chance!"

But of course as that saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

"Let me go get a drink," Klein pleaded, "I'm dying for water."

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