Big Ten Network Visits MSU

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The Big Ten Network is selling itself as the avid sports fan's sanctuary. A place the truly dedicated can turn to for more in-depth coverage of the 11 Big 10 schools.

"They'll be, by a considerable margin, more Michigan State games on our network than any other network," Mark Silverman, president of the Big Ten Network said Wednesday.

For Athletic Director Ron Mason it's a chance to showcase the University's big-time programs, "It's going to help in recruiting as he said, just in visibility," Mason said. But also, it's a way to give exposure to those other scholar-athletes Mason said: "Don't kid yourself, all those sports are important to me. Our coaches are excited, the players in those sports are going to be excited and the parents of those players are going to be excited."

"I care about the Big Ten Network really helping out the sports like baseball, and gymnastics and the volleyballs and all that," MSU baseball coach David Grewe said. "The TV games, the exposure, and those things we're doing are huge."

The issue for Spartan fans is right now DirecTV would be the only way to see the minimum of two Spartan football games the network promises to broadcast when it signs on in August. However, Big Ten Network executives insist a deal could be struck with Comcast in the not to distant future.

"We expect to be moving these conversations forward so that these fans will be able to see the network," Silverman said.

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