Mojo Transferring?

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Tom Izzo held his annual sparrow health classic this afternoon at the country club of Lansing -- but golf wasn't the biggest story of the day.

Izzo informed news 10 -- Spartan guard Maurice Joseph has recently visited both Rhode Island and Vermont, and could decide his basketball future within the next few days. The Canadian native averaged nearly 17 minutes and a shade under six points per game while struggling with injuries last season, but is expected to lose some playing time with Michigan State's strong incoming class. Here's what Izzo had to say:

"He will probably--I'm supposed to talk to him tonight--make a decision by the end of the week on whether he is going to go to one of those two, or he still could come back here. But, I think the whole time he's been leaning towards Vermont...It's an hour-and-a-half from home, they get a lot of the TV stations from Montreal and everything like that and it made him feel a little closer. I know they want him bad. I've talked to both coaches and i think either one would be a great situation for him. So we're going to talk tonight and tomorrow and I would say he's going to have a decision probably by the end of the week."

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