Golfers Go Ring Shopping

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The Spartan golf teams were busy ring shopping today - but it's not what you think. Both squads were designing Big Ten title rings -- something the ladies took great pleasure in.

"This is like a kid in a candy store," Big Ten winner Rachel Meikle said. "We get to pick out our very own Big Ten title rings and everyone gets to participate. We can put anything we want on them, it's fun."

"They wanted it big and they wanted diamonds on it and they wanted it Spartans and Michigan State," women's head coach Stacy Slobodnik Stoll said.

"They're pretty big," junior Sara Brown agreed. "The ones that are in the box - they're too big - I would never wear, but ours is a good size and it's got some diamonds on it and some color."

Unfortunately for all the guys out there it's creating unrealistic expectations... "They're going to get the rings for their right hands so they can get the goddy wedding rings on their left hands," Stoll said.
Rachel Meikle's fiance can attest to that: "My ring is great," Meikle said, "But it's not quite as big as a Big Ten ring."

These might actually be in your price range though, with NCAA regulations limiting Michigan State to 325 dollars per athlete.

"Companies that come in and show us these rings are very aware of those regulations," men's coach Mark Hankins said. "So, they make sure that the models they show us are within limits and when we go ahead and get those we're getting it for our entire team."

And the media that showed up to cover you? "Right," Hankins said, "media guys get it too..." Sounds good to me.

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