Merchant Meets With Media

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"One day after being hired as the 5th head coach in Michigan State's women's basketball history.. Suzy merchant met with the media in a more relaxed setting... brunch at the Kellogg Center.

"Right now the thing I love the most is picking up that little 4 month old and spending time with him," Merchant, a new mom said.

But will it be difficult to play mom and coach at MSU?
"It's hard," she admitted. "You know it's a hard thing to do when you're a female and you have a young family and they recognize that.
"They've been through this with Joanne. I mean when they hired her she was 8 months pregnant, so they've been wonderful about child care."

But is there any concern about members of her new family transferring now that there's a different matriarch patrolling the sidelines?

"I suppose that's a reality in everything," Merchant said. "I mean people lose people all the time, but I believe a program is bigger than any just one person."

Even one that stands 6 foot 9 like talented freshman Alissa Dehaan? Luckily, Merchant said, that's a questions she hopes not to answer:
"She's a quality, character person from everything I know about her and it's tough. I mean the coach that recruited her is gone, that's hard on everybody, but like I said I just asked them to give me a chance and I think she's someone that will."

And if she does you can bet it will be a happy Spartan household for years to come.

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