Dynamic Spartan Duo

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She's pretty outgoing. He's just a little shy. Together, they have the lowest handicap of any couple around. It's Michigan State's top-ranked woman golfer, junior Sara Brown, and her boyfriend, Matt Harmon, the men's top golfer.

"We've known each other, we've been friends for a long time<" Harmon said.

"They met in junior golf," women's coach Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll said. "Matt's father, Steve, was actually the first person to ever say, 'hey, why don't you take a look at Sara?.'"

"She came on a couple visits, and then whatever happened happened I guess and we started dating," Harmon said.

"We talk on the phone, we make each other laugh," Brown said.

And two and a half years later, the Spartans top ranked couple is pushing one another towards postseason play.

"We go out and we play against each other and he makes me play from the back tees here," she said. So who's a tougher coach, Matt or your actual coach? "Probably Matt," Brown laughed.

I'm just out here to support her," Harmon assured.
"If I'm not listening than he'll yell and make me listen and coach is more like, 'Okay Sara, you have to listen'," Brown said.

So how do the 2 best golfers on campus co-exist? Well, just like in any relationship, it's all about saying the right things, just ask Brown:

"I would just like to point out that I did beat him on 9 holes, so he can't ever say that I never beat him... I did beat him on 9 holes here. From the same tees!"

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