McCallie Reaction

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After a brief 20-minute meeting with JoAnne P. McCallie, her now former players left the Breslin Center visibly emotional - still trying to come to grips with the news of her departure.

"Whenever you're close to somebody like that you know it's always going to hurt," junior Courtney Davidson said, "but she just let us know that she took the job but it wasn't because of us or anything else."

"I mean obviously everyone is shocked and very upset you know," junior Alisa Wulff said. "But Coach P is a very good quality coach and we knew that Michigan State's a quality program so schools like Duke are going to look for a coach like her."

No word yet on whether or not Coach P's assistants will follow her to Duke, but Michigan State's search for a new head coach has already begun... saying they want to fill the position as soon as possible.

"Well this afternoon or tonight if I had my druthers," athletic director Ron Man joked, "but it's not going to happen that fast. But we're going to move as quick as we possibly can."

"He told us we brought in Coach P. 7 years ago, she did an outstanding job, you know we're going to bring someone else in and they're going to do an outstanding job," Wulff said.

But who will that be? A big name in the coaching world, or a young up-and-comer...

"We want the best fit," Mason said. "I mean there's a fit for every program and I think that's what's most important to us is we get the proper fit."