Fans React to Firing

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Lately, it’s not easy being a Spartan fan. Even those with season tickets have recently had a hard time yelling, "Go Green!"

"Not since the heart breaker, the Notre Dame game. Since that, even though I have tickets, I can't bear to watch," says MSU student and former avid Spartan fan Aaron Warshay.

Considering the recent heartbreak, the firing of Coach John L. Smith is no shocker. Fan after fan you talk to says the writing was on the wall.

"The fans don't like Smith because they don't like a losing team," says Melanie Hodgman.

"In the beginning, he did good, but the last few years…" echoed Sue Hodgman.

While all say they saw it coming, not everyone agrees it is the right thing for the Spartans.

Fan John Taylor says the situation is out of the coach's control, "He's won in other places, he's never shown to be a bad coach. We need better players. We need depth. We don't have it."

Still, what's done is done, and now, students are wondering who will be their next coach, and if he will last any longer.