Shembechler Given Heart Pacemaker

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Former Michigan Football Coach Bo Schembechler underwent a procedure Monday in which a device to help regulate his heart beat was implanted in his chest.

The procedure took several hours and did not require open-heart surgery, the school said. He was expected to remain at the University of Michigan Hospital for a day or two.

The 77-year-old Schembechler felt ill Friday while taping a television show and was taken to the hospital afterward.

The device doctors implanted is a biventricular implanted cardioverter defibrillator-pacemaker, the school said. It is a relatively new technology that combines a pacemaker, which regulates the heartbeat, with a defibrillator, which can shock the heart back into rhythm.

The device has several wires that are threaded into the chambers of the heart and connect to a tiny battery-powered computer implanted near the heart. The wires detect the heart's rhythm and deliver electrical shocks of different intensities and durations as needed.

Schembechler had a heart attack on the eve of his first Rose Bowl in 1970 and another one in 1987. He has had two quadruple heart bypass operations.

The seven-time Big Ten Coach of the Year compiled a 194-48-5 record at Michigan from 1969 to 1989. Schembechler's record in 26 years of coaching was 234-64-8.