North Dakota Hockey Fans Travel to Michigan on Snowmobiles

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Two North Dakota men took the long way to this weekend's University of North Dakota hockey series at Michigan Tech.
Wayne Amundson and George Braun left Finley on Monday on their snowmobiles during a blizzard, bound for Houghton, Mich. They expect to arrive in time for Friday night's game.
They've been using trails, ditches and abandoned rail lines on the 750-mile trek. They've battled bitter cold and wind chill factors of around 40 below, and suffered some frostbite.
One buddy dropped out after his sled broke down near Fertile, Minn.
Amundson and Braun say they rarely miss a Sioux hockey game. Braun says when people ask why they're making the cold trek, he just tells them, "it's an adventure."

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