Redskins Hit Har By Economic Downturn; Layoff Over 20 Employees

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ASHBURN, Va. (AP) -- Washington Redskins director of player development John Jefferson was among more than 20 people laid off by the team this week as the economic downtown took its toll on one of the NFL's most valuable franchises.
Salary cap analyst Jimmy Halsell also was released, along with the team's longtime director of publications and a member of the public relations department. There were also layoffs among the team's marketing, legal and technology departments.
The layoffs were first reported by The Washington Post.
Jefferson, the former receiver for the San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers, had been with the team for nine years, working with players on off-the-field matters during the transitions in and out of their NFL careers.
Jefferson and Halsell were the only people directly involved in the football operations to lose their jobs.
The Redskins are the second most valuable NFL franchise with an estimated worth of $1.538 billion, according to Forbes' annual rankings. They play in the NFL's largest stadium and have sold out every home game since the 1960s.

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