MHSAA Launches TV Channel

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High school sports are about to hit the prime time TV schedule.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association is launching a channel on Comcast's digital tier next Wednesday, September 3.
It will be on channel 900 or 901 and it comes just in time for football season. But it's not just football, it's all high school sports.
The games will be shown on tape delay for the first time every Wednesday night and replayed throughout the weekend.

This fall alone, viewers will be able to get 400 hours of high school sports programming. Other games will also be available on Comcast's "On-Demand" feature, and that's not all.

"All of this content will be available on the website which will be relaunching in late September," said John Johnson, communications director of the MHSAA. "So we'll be using digital cable which is the wave of the future and we'll be using the Internet which is what most people under 35 are using to get high school sports content."

A host of big football games being played tomorrow and Friday will be featured on the opening night of broadcasting September 3. None of those involve Mid-Michigan schools, but Johnson says they will be covering teams around the state in the coming weeks.

The MHSAA has partnered with When We Were Young Productions to produce the games. Some games will be complete with multi-cameras and a broadcast team. Others may have just one camera and one announcer.

Johnson says no one will be left out.

"Every sport will get some kind of coverage."

That may not include the broadcast of games or meets, but could mean a weekly highlight show.

The MHSAA network will be available in 800,000 homes to start with Comcast. If everything goes to plan, other cable companies-- including Charter Communications-- should jump on board in the near future.

For a look at the tv schedule or to find the MHSAA TV website, just go back to the homepage and click on the hot button.

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