Fans Line Up To See Stanley Cup

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It wasn't just hockey fans that lined up to see the Stanley Cup today.
Easily more than a thousand people came out to catch a glimpse of the trophy currently belonging to your Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings.
And when the Cup is in town... it draws a crowd.
Area youth hockey teams had first crack at it at the Boji Tower Wednesday afternoon in downtown Lansing. Lansing Capitals players Zach Rosendale and Michael Schramm joined their teammates in loudly voicing their glee at being able to touch the Holy Grail of hockey.

They then followed it across the street to the Capitol. The man carrying it was Lieutenant Colonel Al Boyce. He didn't even find out he'd be handling Lord Stanley's Cup until hours earlier.
"(On behalf of) the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and all the other Michigan National Guard soldiers, this was an honor," said Boyce, who admitted this ranked pretty high on his list of career 'missions.' "It was a real thrill."

Christopher Ilitch, son of Red Wings owners Mike and Marion Ilitch, brought the Cup to Lansing.
"We try and get the Cup out to everyone in the community," said Ilitch, who is the President and CEO of Ilitch Holdings. "This is a Cup for the entire community. The entire state really."

When you take a look at the Cup up close it's pretty daunting seeing all the names and the teams that have won it. But upon closer view you wonder what they did with the Cup when they won it given the scratches and dings it's endured over its 100-plus years of existence.
Since 1995, every player has enjoyed at least one day with the Cup. That tradition has led to numerous repairs of said dings.

Closely followed by the adoring young hockey players, Boyce then carried the Cup to the Capitol. That's where an awaiting public got a chance to see it and take pictures.

First in line was Maynard Bigelow of Holt and his sons Nick and Dylan. He had been in line for about three and a half hours to get about 30 seconds with the Cup. So was it worth it?
"Yes it was," he said. "This is a piece of sports history and I wanted my sons to see this."

No doubt it will be a memory both he and his sons will have forever.

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