Judge Dismisses Palace Brawl Suits Against Former Pacer Artest

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When Ron Artest visits Detroit on Jan. 18, the only court he's likely to see is the one at the Palace of Auburn Hills.
U.S. District Court Judge Anna Diggs Taylor on Monday dismissed two civil lawsuits against the former Indiana Pacer star stemming from the Nov. 19, 2004 Palace brawl.
Artest's lawyer, Allan Rubin, said Taylor ruled on motions filed by the defense.
"We're extremely happy. We believe the court made the right decision," Rubin said. "We believe the plaintiffs were overreaching in their claims."
William Paulson, of Grand Blanc, claimed that he suffered a concussion after Artest and former Pacer Stephen Jackson fought with fans at the close of Indiana's game with the Detroit Pistons.
In the second suit, John Ackerman of St. Clair claimed he suffered a concussion after being punched by Pacer David Harrison. Ackerman's suit blamed Artest for starting the fight.
Separate cases against the Pacers, Jackson and Harrison are pending.
Todd Weglarz, lawyer for Paulson and Ackerman, says a decision has not been made to appeal Taylor's ruling.
"We're still proceeding against the team and others," he said. "Mr. Paulson was assaulted by Stephen Jackson. Mr. Ackerman was hit by (David) Harrison."
Artest now plays for the Sacramento Kings, while Jackson is a member of the Golden State Warriors.

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