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YouTube to remove videos featuring Tide Pod Challenge

Meteorites found in Michigan

WATCH - Meteor caught on video

Python wraps itself around alligator

Dangerous challenge on social media focusing on laundry pods

Police search for man skiing behind car

Caller reports himself driving drunk

Oregon law allows residents to pump their own gas

Man gets his favorite waiter a car

It's 'couth' to use neglected, expressive words

Woman leaves a surprise for package thieves

Local police issue BOLO for Santa Claus

Dog rescued from icy river

Parents give teachers wine with son's face on bottles

Meijer brightens holiday season for 235 shoppers

1st grader asks Santa for food and blanket in heartbreaking viral letter

Michigan police department: You will lose if you face off against city snow plow

Twitter rolls out stricter rules on abusive content

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