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MSU's FRIB has potential to "make the world a better place"

Mars is closer to Earth than it's been in 15 years

VIDEO: Scientists battle lizards vs. leaf blowers

Water is buried beneath Martian landscape

Mars making closest approach to Earth in 15 years

Japan space explorer arrives on asteroid to retrieve samples

You could see the northern lights Tuesday night

Mars rover still silent as red planet dust storm goes global

NASA Rover Falls Silent As Gigantic Dust Storm Envelops Mars

New Mars discoveries advance case for possible life

NASA confirms Mars lander on way to red planet

NASA sending robotic geologist to Mars to dig super deep

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch

Space station re-entry called mostly successful

Michigan museum acquires reconstruction of extinct hominid

Michigan Meteorite Society releases map showing meteorite finds.

SpaceX launches big new rocket; lands 2 boosters

Researchers use advanced technology to study child mummy

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