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Honey harvest

UPDATE: 6-year-old's Amazon order going to be donated

Man risks life to take selfie with bears

Lake unicorn rescue

Driver pulled over for mattress sticking out of car

Free samples turns Costco into a senior fight club

"Game of Thrones" castle up for sale

Rare nickel worth millions up for auction in Philadelphia

Judge orders teen who knocked over port-a-potty to shovel manure

Luxury cars destroyed for smuggling demonstration

Unique antique dolls need new home

Georgia police officers fired for using a coin flip to determine if they were going to arrest someone

Man arrested for exercising naked at public gym

Northern Michigan town elects "Cat Mayor"

Mom, daughter to spend night in Lizzie Borden killing room

'Brady Bunch' house for sale for nearly $1.9M

Bear tranquilized after taking dip in Los Angeles pool

Lose, your blues: Town tosses 'Footloose' anti-dancing law

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