17 Aborted Fetuses Allegedly Discarded In Dumpster

By: Meaghan M. Norman Email
By: Meaghan M. Norman Email

Chris Veneklase, who is a pro-life advocate, regularly prays outside an abortion clinic in delta township when he began noticing a pattern.

"At the end of the days they did abortions, the clinic staff would bring out a large black trash bag," said Veneklase. "I never saw a medical waste service come to this clinic which is usually common. ..."I began to wonder what they were throwing out."

A big black trash bag from the clinic was noticed being carried by an employee and put into the trunk of a car. Then the bag was driven across the complex and taken to the dumpster and what was found next, Veneklase says was mortifying.

"I was horrified," said Veneklase, "There's nothing more shocking than finding a baby that's been torn apart from its mother."

On February 26, 2010 Veneklaske says he found 17 early term-aborted fetuses.

"They were in bags with the mother's name on the bag. Additional medical records were there along with bloody gauze, bloody gloves and other various things from an abortion," said State Representative Rick Jones.

And while it may be gruesome ---- it's in accordance to Michigan law.

"It is legal to take an aborted baby and put them into a garbage disposal and grind them up. Apparently it's also legal in michigan to dip that baby into formaldehyde and simply throw them into a garbage dumpster," said Jones, (R-Grand Ledge).

Jones has since introduced legislation that would require an aborted fetus to be buried or cremated --- and if it's not it would be a felony.

The attorney general's office first got a complaint about the clinic in April of 2010. The investigation wrapped up in October and a spokeswoman for the attorney general says there was no violation of the public health code in the disposal. They would not confirm if any other violations were found. The investigation was a joint effort on behalf of DNRE, Saginaw Sheriff's office, Eaton County Sheriff's office and the Eaton County Prosecutor's office.

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  • by shoppegirl Location: North Carolina on Nov 29, 2010 at 11:51 AM
    This is disgusting. I hope we can pass a law that says the babies must have a proper burial. Jen~~ You have a right to speak up for the innocent baby being torn apart of burned. You cannot be both pro-life and pro-death... NO, you cannot sit on the fence. MAKE UP YOU MIND.
  • by mamaw Location: minn on Oct 29, 2010 at 04:40 PM
    Jen, I am so sorry for what happened to your friend and I cannot imagine the trauma she went thru. Absolutely she and others like her need every kind of support they can get. It should be made priority for victims of rape and incest. And let's not forget the perps! The law is not severe enough to deter them from repeating their crime. My heart goes out to every woman and girl who has been a victim of rape or incest. but it is not the baby's fault. Killing the innocent baby makes them a victim too. How do we reconcile which victim's rights are more deserving, the woman's or the child's? They are both innocent human beings who have been horrifically violated. I appreciate and understand your point of view, but abortion still means that an innocent baby has to suffer and die.
  • by Lou Location: In on Oct 29, 2010 at 12:15 PM
    I agree, our lawmakers should be made to look at the pictures of aborted babies thrown into trash bags and tubs and then be asked the question "You have no problem with this? You wouldn't mind if this was your son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter?" The government and planned parenthood certainly do not want people to see the results of their pro-choice laws. And by the way, people should not be called pro-life and pro-choice, they should be pro-life and pro-death because those ARE the choices. I honestly don't know how anyone can look at a picture of a baby killed by abortion and not agree that it is grossly inhumane. You couldn't burn a live animal with saline or dismember it piece by piece, or suck it's brains out, you'd be arrested in a heartbeat. I really think our founding fathers would be outraged at what this world has come to, knowing that the law they intended would protect ALL life, has been so grossly misinterpreted and without conscience. God help us. We're insane!!
  • by Jen Location: Williamston on Oct 29, 2010 at 11:40 AM
    I also wanted to add, just for the record, I am pro-life on a personal level, but I am pro-choice outside of that as it's not my place to tell anyone else what they have the right to do with their own bodies and whatever resides within it. There is a good reason we need our separation of church and state. I think George Carlin put it quite well in this quote "I'm completely in favor of a separation between church and state. My idea is that these two institutions screw up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death." I am still with many regarding the concern for the patients of the clinic whose records seem to have been, illegally and improperly, included within the medical waste, leaving them open to potential harrassment. For those who want to use their God views to promote their cause, please remember that in this hugely populated world of ours, there are A LOT of people that don't believe the way you do, so get over it already.
  • by Patsy Location: Mn on Oct 29, 2010 at 11:36 AM
    Jen, what is "sane" about taking saline and burning an unborn child alive, or a vacuum and sucking out his/her little body parts,or chopping it to bits & then putting it back together so mom doesn't get an infection, & what is "sane" about delivering a child to his/her neck, stabbing it in the back of the head with scissors & sucking the brains out (partial birth abortion procedure as described in Gonzalez vs Carhart). If these are acts of sanity, lock me up!! Who will be the voice for the little boy or girl trying to avoid pain & death in their God-given place of safety? What did they do to deserve that kind of pain & torture? I challenge anyone commenting to get on the internet & look at pictures of aborted babies. I have seen them. They are precious little children with charred & dismembered bodies, & one had a perfectly developed little head with hair, beautiful facial features, ripped right off it's little neck & held over a jar with a pair of forceps. Pictures don't lie.
  • by Jen Location: Williamston on Oct 29, 2010 at 11:33 AM
    Mamaw, I understand that the goodness in your heart wants to make what you say true, but unless you've been through it, you can't seriously try to tell someone who has to "Just suffer a little longer so you can bring that tortuously painful reminder into the world so maybe someone else could care for it". I have a girlfriend who was raped and found out two months later she was pregnant, and in her mind, the thought of carrying inside of her the genetic-filled reminder of her attacker and what he did to her was an utter impossibility and in fact started to think suicide would be a better option for everyone. Thankfully, we still have her, but she lives with those scars she's incurred, and even though she regrets it to some degree, she still felt, for her, there was no other choice. I would've hated to think of her trudging down some back alley to have someone "help" her who was neither qualified or cared. Remember, not everyone sees things as you do and it's unfair to punish for it.
  • by mamaw Location: minn on Oct 29, 2010 at 09:43 AM
    Jen I am not condeming women who have had abortions because I believe most of them are led to believe their unborn is not a real baby. I'm angered at creeps who rape & cause young girls psyco/physiological damage. Why cause her a SECOND psycological trauma by allowing her to kill her baby? Why not let her make something good come from something evil? She needs support, counseling & all the love she can get. If she can't deliver the baby, then take the baby, don't kill it, & if the baby does not survive, then at least it was allowed to be born & die with dignity, not brutally murdered, & the young mother would not have to carry around, FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE, the guilt of knowing she killed her baby. If there is a good chance that a baby will not survive for any reason, why kill it? I condemn the legality to brutally kill an innocent baby enutero. What makes those who advocate abortion any different than a murderer? Nothing, & God tells us how He feels about it in His own words.
  • by Jen Location: Williamston on Oct 29, 2010 at 05:45 AM
    Mamaw, no offense, but take your "holier than thou" message to your church, where it belongs. Our Founding Fathers couldn't see what this country would become and that women would be raped and left with unwanted, psychologically damaging, and painful results of such, potentially requiring them to rectify the situation in a safe and legal fashion in a medical setting. No, it's not the only reason women have abortions, but it is a vital reason to keep them legal, regardless of certain people's delicate moral sensibilities. Any of you out there living a perfect life, free of guilt, PLEASE continue to pick up whatever rocks you can grab and toss them about freely, but those of us who reside as comfortably as possible in our own glass houses will continue to vote on and support the voices of sanity with the appreciation for differing opinions and beliefs. I'm not faulting you for how you feel, but feel it's unfair to be so judgemental of those you know nothing about.
  • by mamaw Location: minn on Oct 28, 2010 at 07:42 PM
    I can't understand why the preamble to the constitution, which is an introduction to the fundamental purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America, has not been recognized to have already defined the unborn as persons. It states "...to promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our POSTERITY..." At the time the Constitution was written, everyone of us living today were the posterity of those writers; future generations. The Constitution seems to clearly indicate that all unborn (because they are future generations) are to be given the same considerations regarding promotion of general welfare and the blessing of liberty (freedom)as those who were alive at the time the document was written. Unfortunatley, members of the Supreme Court do not impart the same consideration that was afforded them by our forefathers. Abortion may be legal but it is certainly not moral. God will certainly have His way with those who shed innocent blood.
  • by Me Location: Lansing, MI on Oct 28, 2010 at 02:14 PM
    Ok i can agree dumping the fetus's in the dumpster is wrong but It should be a womans choice is she wants to terminate a pregnancy or not i bet over have the people on here commenting have never been put in a situation where an abortion is an option you know know a persons story or how or why they got preganat and no human being should be told by a goverment weather they can or can not terminate a pregnancy and what was this weirdo doing watching and digging in the dumpster...get a life dude!
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