No Social Security Increase

By: Chris Sutter Email
By: Chris Sutter Email
Lansing seniors are hoping for a stimulus payment from the government after learning they will get no Social Security cost of living increase.

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Margaret Brannan is just one of the several seniors who rely on Social Security to live a comfortable, healthy, retired life.

But Brannan does think life, as she knows it, could change this year.

"I'm not worried about it, but I'm concerned about it," Brannan says.

She is one of the more than 50 million Social Security recipients who won't receive a cost of living increase this year.

"I wish they would go up so that people had an easier way of going," she says.

The reason it isn't rising is pegged to inflation, which is actually negative this year. Stepheni Schlinker of the AARP says that's irrelevant though when it comes to seniors.

"They still see inflation in health care costs and their prescription drug costs, so their costs still rise even though inflation is staying low," Schlinker explains.

They aren't out of luck though.

On Wednesday, President Obama called for a second round of stimulus payments of about $250 for seniors, vets, and people with disabilities.

And while Barran doesn't think the payment will rival the increase seniors are used to, she knows it's a 2% increase and will certainly help.

"Any extra that they can get will help," Schlinker says.

A surprising senior setback that they never thought they'd have to deal with.

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  • by Anonymous on Oct 21, 2009 at 07:48 AM
    The day may come where social security has no money,then what?Government is working on it as they rob one thing to pay another.
  • by Anonymous on Oct 18, 2009 at 09:59 AM
    Has anyone noticed how easy it is for the government to say NO to those in need.And yes to the rich that don't need?
  • by Tina Location: Mich on Oct 18, 2009 at 07:47 AM
    The few making decent Social security won't suffer like the one getting so little.Many have been forced out of their homes because they can not afford any more.Their medical costs they can't even afford so go without.Not all can take in their older family members.I like what one thinks the amish do.I agree with Martha.They do live on FARMS and don't have our life styles at all.Amish do have money,just what they don't spend it on what we do.I can't see many changing their faiths in God or going with out what the Amish do.Or electric,and heat with wood.City gov don't allow us to live that way.I admire the Amish,and maybe the day will come they will be the ones teaching us many things.The government has ruined the social security program and like many things we have NO say about what the government does.If wars weren't going on and so many weren't on the gov pay roles,this cut would of not had to be done.God help us all.Many are in NEED.
  • by Martha Location: Mich on Oct 17, 2009 at 05:07 AM
    Well I don't know exactly what amish do or don't.I just know we live in an area that have many.I wish to ask if they are so self sufficent,why have they been using the WIC cards at grocery stores?They have their own ways and don't have to do many things we are required to is true.They have a simple life.If all of us could have the gardens they do,only ware plain colored clothes,Heat with wood,do hours of canning food.Not have to pay electric bills,they don't buy cars and pay insurances,or have up keep of cars.They help each other and take care of their own without charge.They do hard labors in fields to plant and bring in crops.They correct their children in ways we are not allowed to,but those kids mind and show respect.Each group school their own in one room schools.They have a simple yet hard life.They are strong believers in GOD.They hand out to each other.Now take the rest of us.I don't see people Doing all this.We might have to someday.Cities would be gone.All would be farmers.
  • by Anonymous on Oct 16, 2009 at 11:17 AM
    It is time that we stop depending on governments for handouts. We need to take lessons from the amish and menonites on how to be self sufficent.
  • by josephp Location: lansing on Oct 16, 2009 at 04:20 AM
    I have great empathy for the senior citizens of this country. My wages have been held to 1&1/2% for the last 7 years. This year I was given a pay FREEZE, and told next year to exprct the same. Also I have watched as every penny I have SAVED for retirement loose 50% of its value, watched as the goverment wants to re-work my pension plan and told social security will be bankrupt but the time I qualify for it. Thus far I have managed to NOT qualify for ANY state or Federal "stimulus" package and managed to keep the wolf from the door, pay my mortgage, keep the lights burning and keep my health care. It is a SCAREY time for us all
  • by Jim Location: Mi on Oct 16, 2009 at 03:46 AM
    No increase?Maybe big gov should of kept their fingers out of that pot.Or returned what they so called borrowed.I know depend on charities to help them out.The ones that are going broke with already high demand of many needing help.Remember if one retires,is old,worked all the years they could,they mean nothing.What has this country come to?Wars continue so lets fund them.Costing billions and many being killed on both sides.Men playing war games with real people.Many in those countries will not change their way of thinking.So we send more troops thinking that will do the job.Then again pulling out would make them think we were cowards and they beat us.We should be more careful what we stick our noses in.We should treat our people right and give them what's needed.With jobs going overseas it has left us with less tax money to do what's needed.All blame can go right back to our so-called government in the USA from the white house down to local.
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