Taxes Not Just For Sinners Anymore

By: Lauren Zakalik Email
By: Lauren Zakalik Email

America's favorite pasttime could become one of Michigan's favorite revenue makers; baseball games are part of a laundry list of events and items the Governor wants to tax to help fill the budget hole.

Lugnuts General Manager Pat Day says the idea is anything but a homerun.

"We work hard to provide affordable family entertainment for everyone in the area; to put another crimp in the family budget is not something we're in favor of," Day says.

He says an $8 ticket to the park would jump nearly 50 cents. Two extra quarters-- for nine innings-- Day says is too much.

"They [families] are taxed on food items already," he says. "I don't think family-affordable entertainment needs to be taxed."

It's not just sports events.

Any live entertainment, like Lansing's Common Ground festival each summer, would see a 6 percent sales tax under the Governor's plan, bringing in a projected $87 million next year.

Also on the list: increasing the cigarette tax 25 cents and adding a penny tax to bottles of water.

East Lansing 7-11 owner Lisa Foss worries people will stop buying.

"Ask a student what a penny means. Ask anyone living paycheck to paycheck. Every penny counts," she says.

That's what the Governor is banking on, at least; those pennies on water would add up to nearly $18 million in revenue. The 25 cents on smokes would bring in $54 million a year.

Some experts concede there needs to be new revenue to save our state; but the "not-in-my-ballpark" stance will follow.

The Governor also wants to tax items in vending machines. Movies are not included in her plan.

Would You Be Willing To Pay More For Live Entertainment To Fix Michigan's Budget Crisis?

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  • by bob on Sep 22, 2009 at 08:41 AM
    to carl, good idea but they allready gave them selves a raise and froze the raises for the next round. how thouthfull of them huh????? our goverment is screwed up big business too they all should reduce ther salaries, but they allways come to the little guy who is making the money for them and reduce there pay wether they llike it or not and say well at least you have a job??? thanks america..
  • by Carl Location: Charlotte on Sep 21, 2009 at 02:39 PM
    Heres a new idea!! How about our State and Federal governments act reposible. If I over spend I am considered fiscally irrisposable, my credit suffers and I am asked to cut spending, sell what I dont need and pay my bills, not go to my neighbors and tell them they need to pay for my irrisposabitliy. It is time the public servants we have elected listen to the public that have elected them. There art plenty of ways to cut spending without cutting core services or taxing this state into further poverty. P.S.- Once the tax is increased, the last business run out of business who will be left to pay???
  • by Anonymous on Sep 21, 2009 at 07:42 AM
    The barbaric method of punishment was very effective way to eliminate crime in the past. Old fashion penal colonies was effective in deterring crime. Most of our elected officials would not like these options because a majority of them have had criminal records.
  • by BIll Location: Lansing on Sep 19, 2009 at 06:54 AM
    OK, SO you say we pay to much for taxes. Lets cut the tax in half. Eliminate the the services for education, they can afford it now since they don't pay taxes. Cut the services for the handicap and sick. They will eventually die off. No services for the unemployed, they should of not been so lazy and found a job or did their work properly so they didn't get fired. If someone robs a store, cut off their hand. If they repeat the crime they will lose their other hand, thus not more robberies. How is that for a start. Just hope that you do not need any of these services. You get what you pay for.
  • by Sanadi on Sep 17, 2009 at 06:36 AM
    I still think that we pay to much in taxes. I also think we could do like 21 other sttates and go with a part time legislature. It would save a great deal of money. Such states as Co, NEV, ME, UT, OK, MONT, MO, Az, & Neb. such to name a few of them. They all have a much better economy than we do, they have a better state run government, and at least 2 of them don't even have state income tax. We need to have a government that is smaller and better managed. Which knows what we need, not what makes them look like DC.
  • by Anonymous on Sep 15, 2009 at 05:01 AM
    Obama has been in office for eight months. In that time, our national debt has went up by 15-20%, his popularity is dwarfed compared to George Bush and with his tax disperment plan, he is going to levy fines against millions of people who are going to pay their taxes late next april.
  • by Sandi Location: Lansing on Sep 14, 2009 at 01:16 PM
    We pay enough taxes! My income is 20% less than it was 3 years ago. My expense didn't change, my cost of living went up. Now the only thing you can do without a Michigan tax on it, is walk down the drive, to get your bills out of the mailbox. We pay some of the highest gas taxes, you can not fish,hunt, have a boat, or anything else without the state having their hand in your pocket. Do you realize that in a lot of states, they do not pay near the taxes we do? That a lot of states only have a part time legislature, and yet they do very well, with new businesses comming in, not Michigan. they just gave away a break on taxes of over 100 million, but they want to taxes the people who live here to death. Why doesn't the Govenor, and the rest of our goverment higher ups all take a salary cut? I did and so did a lot of others just to keep their jobs. Plus where are the people who aren't working going to get the extra 24 cents here, 50 cents there.
  • by Chris Location: dug out cave in mason on Sep 13, 2009 at 04:51 PM
    Did you ever notice the people that can afford to pay more in taxes, but don't want to, only care about themselves and their "Friends". OH, and their always against Obama. Soon they will be outnumbered , then where are they gonna run to. These people are walking abominations on the earth, and they don't get my respect.
  • by ron Location: mich on Sep 13, 2009 at 06:28 AM
    We do pay enough taxes.There are so many programs funded by taxes.Then we get taxes from utility companies,taxes on certain items.Property taxes,all we seem to hear are taxes.Yet we can't really say where taxes go when paid to the state.Then we hear about how many JOBS are gone,unemployment,home loss,More becoming homeless.All these things say TAX LOSS.So what is it going to mean.We hear CUTS to programs to the poor,low wages,and people who need help.If one doesn't use or need these programs,or understand these programs,they don't see the need for them.We NEVER hear cuts in upper governments pay.Many have found out if you can't afford anymore you don't have or can't do so many things.Many who had decent incomes lost jobs and are finding a Life they never though possible.If more taxes aren't gained some how many will go without many needed things.Many who have it bad now,can expect it to get worse.What states by name,have lower taxes?Or taxes we don't have?On what.
  • by Bonnie Location: Lansing on Sep 13, 2009 at 04:28 AM
    Taxes, people are broke now. Prices go up but people have to take wage cuts to keep there jobs. Where can you cut back and still pay your bills. Who got us in this mess GOV. they say we aren't responsible enough to save so they take our money for Social Security now they have taken my money for it for over 40 yrs. now they say there might be none? What did you do with our money? If Gov. was our Parents they would be in Jail for Abuse.
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