Viewer Memories of September 11, 2001

By: News 10
By: News 10

The day of September 11, 2011 has become part of the American national consciousness. It is a day where everyone remembers where they were, and what they were doing when they heard the news that there had been an attack on American soil for the first time since Pearl Harbor was attacked in World War II.

Viewers have been sharing their memories of the attacks, and what they were doing when they heard about them. Here are some of their memories and recollections from that day.

"I was at work at Walgreen's when I heard about the attack. I started praying for those dead, those that needed rescuing and those doing the rescue. My boss came out saw me walking and praying and within minutes gave his life to the Lord. It was the first time I led someone to the Lord. It was a sad and happy day."

"Horror and anger. These people went to work, or were heading on vacation, or to family gatherings and they were butchered by the evil actions of militant Islamics. I was incensed then, and continue to be today. These acts have not stopped - they have just been moved farther away. I pray for an end to this insanity someday."

"I was in fifth grade at Sheridan road elementary listening to the teacher read us a story. The secretary walked in and handed her a piece of paper and her jaw dropped. I remember watching the tv when she turned it on. I'd never seen anything like it so I just figured it was something that had happened long before I was born. One classroom over my social studies teacher was able to fill us in a little more clearly on what was going on. It was in that moment 12 years ago sitting in a fifth grade social studies class that I made the decision I was going to join the military when I was old enough."

"I was 21 and still in bed at the time (lazy!). My brother yelled down to me that we had been attacked, but I thought he was just pulling my leg. I got up and saw what was going on on the TV, and I ended up brushing my teeth for a half an hour, simply because I was glued to the TV. I still can remember the sadness and rage I felt, and whenever I see footage or images of 9/11, that sadness and rage comes to the forefront."

"My husband was still I'm the Army and his sister in law called me. I was still sleepy and when she told me, my heart dropped. I got off of the phone and went and turned on the TV. As watching I was wishing that I wasn't in Texas and I wanted my husband home. It seemed like eternity waiting to hear from Brian. (Husband) He finally had a chance to call and I could tell he was trying not to sound afraid. He told me that he didn't have long on the phone because others needed to call home. He asked that I get his bags around and that he would see me soon. As doing what was asked I could hear the TV and I felt hurt, sadness, fear and as the tears started streaming I felt the need to hurt whom ever had done this. I Will never forget all the feelings and the overwhelming response from everyone all over the world. Most of all I will never forget all the hero's and who gave there lives to the four legged animals that helped search for the missing. I will not forget the look of grief on the faces of the ones who survived and the family members that were looking for their loved ones. Put plainly, I will NEVER forget."

"I was in Mrs. K's class at Ezra Eby Elementary. We could hear another class room down the hall crying and a couple screams so I asked to go find out what was wrong. She let me go down there. I walked into this classroom and stared at the tv with everyone else. We were watching people jump to their deaths, and on through the second plane hit. Then they put the school on lockdown. From there it was kind of a blur until I got home to my mom who was crying. We sat there and watched it all night."

"I had just gotten married on the 8th and we were on our road trip honeymoon. We had stopped in Cleveland for the night on the 10th. I remember checking out and being in a convenience store when the 2nd plane hit and probably was in shock. We were going to go to New York but obviously didn't make it. So, we tried going to Cedar Point instead, but that was nixed after we pulled up to the gate and were turned away. We just weren't thinking that something like this would affect an amusement park (we were young). That person is now my ex and I really knew it was over on this day 12 years ago when his reaction was "what do I care? I don't know anyone who works there." All I could think was how he was such a heartless prick. Prayers and thoughts to all today, no matter if you were directly affected. We are all affected in one way or another."

"I was doing my labor and delivery rotation and had just watched a beautiful baby boy being born. I had left the room to get the mother a warm blanket and was stopped by people in the hall who called me into watch the TV reports. Just then the second tower was hit and we all knew... The irony of that moment is forever etched in my mind-- the birth of a new child and the massive casualties..."

"Sitting at home, after getting out of work, w my little brother, who went into a comma 6 years later on this day n died a week later."

"I was on the USS Enterprise. We Just left our station off Iraq to steam home. We didn't get far. I was working on my commanders phone line when he told me to watch the TV. I saw the news coverage of everything else. The Aircraft carrier did the sharpest turn around I have ever seen and we spent another two months on station off Afghanistan dropping these"

"I remember this day very clearly! I was in 10th grade, sitting in my business economics class, when I heard about the first plane going into one of the World Trade Centers. My thought then and still now, how can somebody hurt/kill innocent people? I was flabbergasted then, and I still am now! My thoughts are with everyone who was killed, and those affected by this horrific event that happened 12 years ago!"

"I was a senior in high school and I was late that day because my daughter had kept me up most of the night before... When I walked in to school everyone was crying watching the news..when I figured out what was going on, I was in complete shock."

"I was at work at Jacobson's Corporate Offices. We had many employees who were in New York or overseas on buying trips. After an all-staff meeting in the auditorium, where the company CEO led us in prayer, we were all sent home early. I remember the first thing I did when I walked outside was look up. The skies were so silent. Not even a bird was flying."

Melody Ann
"From the first moment the broadcast pictures of the first plane strike I absolutely knew it was deliberate and remembered the first attempt to blow up the towers. It was really hard to listen to the CNN's Soledad O'Brian wonder what was happening."

"RIP to those who lost their life that day, you will never be forgotten."

"I remember being I'm my living room watching TV when the breaking news came on. What terrible thoughts flooded my mind. My heart ached for all of the victims and their families."

"I was in 3rd grade I didn't understand the full impact of what happened but now that I am older it enrages and makes me sick to think a group of people could be so evil."

"I was going to LCC and at the time I had a teacher who practiced the Muslim faith. She was such a sweetheart ( I really liked her). I never did see her again. She stopped showing up afterward. It was such a tragedy and those families are in my thoughts and prayers."

"That morning at 9:11 am I was paged out on a Ems call working for our local FD. One of the firemen who is a joker said a plane crashed into the WTC I was like get outta here no way ! We returned to the station just as the first tower fell. I will never forget that tragedy and act of terror."

"I was in 7th grade and i remember kids running through the hall telling us to turn on the TV... The school ened up cutting the cable to the school after a little while... But my social studies teacher said you all have to know what is going on and she shut the door and turned on the radio and we sat in silance listening to the radio the rest of the hour... And heard when the second plane hit..."

"I was on my break at plane had already hit and it wasn't yet deemed an attack. But during my break, as I was watching the news...the second plane hit. Our entire workplace started bringing any and all TV's and radios to where our patients were. We were all devestated, frightened and sad. I'll NEVER forget running back to my work station and announcing we were under attack."

"I was a senior in high school sitting in my second hour, math class. The principal announced over the PA to turn on the TV. I remember watching and then seeing the second plane crash. What a horrible thing to happen. Never forget! God bless us all."

"I was working for the US Forest Service at the time in MI. I had stayed over night in the Kalamazoo area and was traveling to Muskegon that morning. I arrived at our hotel to drop off luggage, with plans to go into the field. As I was checking in the hotel clerk asked me if I heard the news. There was a TV in the lobby and watched a news report about the first strike. I thought that it was some horrific accident, until, as I was watching the news, the second plane hit. I knew then we were under attack."

"I was asleep and having a nightmare of bees falling through my ceiling onto my lap. Then the phone woke me up - it was my father calling me to tell me to turn on my TV set so I did and at that moment the second plane hit. We both thought it was a news crew that was covering the fire in the other tower because at the time they didn't know for sure what started the fire. I started shaking."

"I worked for an airline in Indianapolis and woke up to the news. I was laid off later that month. Never forget/Never forgive/9/11"

"I was at work...when I heard the pentagon was being attacked."

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