Two Teens Killed in Car Crash

By: Rachel Thomas Email
By: Rachel Thomas Email

Nearly one hundred friends and family are visiting the hospital and the scene where 17-year-old Holly Bossenberry and 18-year-old Taylyr Cochran were killed in the crash.

"She was a beautiful dancer, a really strong person, just a great person. She will be missed," said Jade Harman, a friend of victim Holly Bossenberry.

One high school senior who didn't want to speak on camera said his friend asked if he could follow him, driving home from a party. The friend was the first to call 911 after he watched his five friends spin off the road.

Four high school seniors and one graduate were driving southbound on Hagadorn Road when their car lost control. The car hit two trees on the opposite side of the road. Police are considering alcohol may have been a factor in the crash and other elements put these teens at risk.

"Teens are more likely to get in an accident when more people are in the car. They are more likely to get in an accident also when they are driving at night," said Sgt. Don Lound of the Meridian Township Police Department.

After a night at the Winterfest dance, Holt High School students learned through text messages and Facebook what happened to their friends.

"The ones that weren't wearing seatbelts were ejected from the car. Nothing serious happened to the other two," said Holt High School junior Katie Daoust.

The driver was arrested by Meridian Township Police and is being held at the Ingham County Jail. The two other surviving passengers are still at Sparrow Hospital. Students say one has minor bruises and the other remains in the Intesive Care Unit.

"He is the light of the room. He is really a great guy. I can't imagine. He will be so different," said Daoust.

Police say parents should limit teen driving in numbers and at night. But, students say no lecture compares to this life lesson.

Police are still investigating the details of the crash and what charges the driver could face tomorrow. Holt High School staff say they have been through tragic events before and have a crisis team that will help students through their grief.

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  • by ROLEMODEL1966 Location: LANSING on Feb 16, 2011 at 06:10 AM
    I feel like this--->i know Anthony Hariss's father recently got out of prison,where has he been as far as being a father figure and teaching his kids about alcohol and the dangers,the mother has alot of kids,where dod they find time to be parents,the father (ANTHONY HARRIS)is a known sex offender,i dont think the kids who gave them alcohol should be punished,they made a mistake as im sure anthony and his friends did as well,probation sounds better.this is my opinion!
  • by Joseph Location: michigan on Feb 10, 2011 at 11:05 PM
    "Disgusted": Compassion in this situation is a given. I don't need to ramble on about how tragic this situation is, because we already know that. I can put my limited space here to better use. Just be glad that there weren't any other lives lost... These kids made some bad decisions that night, and now the survivors have to live with the consequences. I would feel much differently about this situation if they had died as the result of someone else's mistake.
  • by Disgusted on Feb 10, 2011 at 03:14 PM
    I honestly find it disgusting that people can sit here with zero compassion for these children, their friends, and most importantly their family members. Yes, mistakes were made.. but is that honestly what you all should be focusing on? Arguing over bad parenting, poor decisions, or things that you have " heard about these kids." Get over yourself. Imagine if one of these kids that died was your best friend, your daughter or son, or simply an aquantiance. Would you be posting these same nasty comments? I hope to God you think about this and keep your comments to yourself. To the family members who are grieving, I apologize on behalf of the inconsiderate people who are out there. My prayers are with you and my heart is heavy with grief for you. May God provide with you comfort during these difficult times.
  • by Whats it to ya on Feb 9, 2011 at 03:57 PM
    well if these kids knew they had the option to call as its been said then it sounds like they feared getting in trouble more than they feared losing their life or someone else's....I believe that is the point Holt Alum. is trying make here about the parents-JMO. By the way that video, definitely something that should been shown in the USA drivers ed classes. I hope that EVERYONE can learn something from this.
  • by Joe Location: Smith on Feb 8, 2011 at 11:55 PM
    So... Does anyone think these kids will get a Darwin Award?
  • by Holt Mom Location: Holt, mi on Feb 6, 2011 at 01:24 PM
    @ Holt Alum: Really? you have never done that, well you are one of the few and I applaud that-but guess what, everyone isn't like you, and it doesn't matter what your mom teaches you or tells you, do you know for a fact that these parents haven't talked to thier kids about calling them? no yout dont! Besides, as the mother of a 21 & 17 year old, teens just don't always listen no matter how many times you have the conversation with them, if he was so drunk then why did anyone get in the car with him then? guess they made bad decisions too hey? You can't blame parents for not teaching thier kids or "MAKING" thier kids do what they tell them to; can we blame the guys mom that just stabbed his girlfriend on his mom? like, maybe she should've been a better parent? no, that's not the way to handle it, he made that decision soley on his own and yes it was obviously bad - kids know this "option" and all 5 of them knew that option, and it is a very sad and unfortunate thing to happen to Holt
  • by mike Location: lansing on Feb 6, 2011 at 05:46 AM
    why haven't were heard about the parents of these kid you bought the boose.
  • by Michelle Location: Lansing on Feb 4, 2011 at 03:44 PM
    This is so sad, may god comfort everyone and their families during this difficult time.
  • by Holt Alum. on Feb 4, 2011 at 09:39 AM
    @Upset, Holt Mom - Hm, yeah actually I NEVER put the my car in gear til everyone has a seat belt on even in Michigan were not everyone HAS to wear a belt in the backseat..It was something I was told constantly even before I got my driving permit along with drinking and driving and YUP that is something I have never done! I may have drank underage but I never drove or allowed others to drive (HUGE THANKS TO MY MOM!)I have never bad mouthed him - all I said was that was totally preventable and he KNEW he couldn't drive which was why he ASKED to be followed. And yes its still irresponsible of the parents to think it won't happen because they then don't talk to their kids and give their kids another option like to CALL them should something like that happen no matter what. On top of my wonderful mother, this video as helped to deter myself and others from drinking and driving
  • by LeAnn Location: Webberville on Feb 3, 2011 at 12:24 PM
    MikeHunt (and for you too, Holt Mom CR, so you know his history), every time you post here, it's nothing but vitriolic, hateful BS. Just from what I see in your posts, and you love to post as often as possible when you get somethig stuck in your craw it seems, you have to be one of the meanest and most judgmental people around. Why don't you try some yoga, chamomile tea, or just shutting your nasty mouth once in a while. You obviously didn't learn an important lesson that my mom taught me and my siblings (with her own twist); If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your fool mouth shut until you can come up with something.
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