Medical Marijuana Patients Worried by the Moratorium

By: Rachel Thomas Email
By: Rachel Thomas Email

The year-long proposed moratorium on medical marijuana businesses would not only affect people wanting to provide the medicine, but also the very patients in need of it.

"I have shooting pains...aches all over your body..tremors. You feel like you're rotting from the inside out," said medical marijuana patient Ian Eifenbein.

Eifenbein served three tours in Iraq as a marine where he suffered a herniated disk. Now, he has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and is considered 100 percent disabled by the U.S. military. He goes to medical marijuana dispensaries occasionally because they guarantee product is available.

"People fall through all the time, can't get it for you, or can't make time for you. These stores are open from 10a.m. to 10p.m." Elfenbein says they are more reliable and can offer a diversity of strains and quality of marijuana.

In the last week, more than a dozen medical marijuana storefronts have opened to establish themselves before the council could vote on the moratorium. If it passes, some attorneys say it could unfairly limit the access of medical marijuana to patients.

Essentially, it's like limiting doctors. It's like saying to bad. We are just going to limit the number of doctors, and tough if you can't get care," said attorney Jeffrey Hank.

Hank says some clients have already approached him to file a potential lawsuit against the city, an option he says he's always considering.

"The moratorium is an unconstitutional restriction on our rights. So we may file a lawsuit against the city. But for now we are going to try and work with them," said Hank.

From behind the political scenes, patients suffering from chronic or debilitating medical conditions say they wait in frustration.

"I wanted to control my own future. I don't want somebody else to tell him what to do in regards to my health," said Eifenbein.

City council member Carol Wood says, under the moratorium, patients will still be able to grow their own marijuana and can visit already established medical marijuana locations. She says the moratorium will give the council time to create regulations for medical marijuana businesses.

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  • by Leonard Location: Philadelphia, PA on Dec 7, 2010 at 06:14 AM
    Medicinal Cannabis is highly effective in a wide variety of medical conditions, ranging from cancer to glaucoma to chronic pain, to PTSD.. It is amazing that in our day and age the Feds and their DEA cling to outdated "dogmas" and suppress further research into the remarkable medicinal properties of the Cannabis plant. I cannot believe that this Inquisition-style repression with regards to science and scientific research is even possible in contemporary America, of all places. But the fact remains very clear: Cannabis is not physically addictive and the so-called "gateway drug" theory is nonsense. I was very impressed with Arizona voters this past election because despite all the scare-tactics, all the deceptions, all the distortions, the voters of Arizona, many being rather Conservative, still voted for their own interests, for the medicinal Cannabis, and against the "politicos" "dogma". Cannabis is Medicine, people, it has been medicine for thousands of years, and and it still is!
  • by Scott Location: Lansing on Dec 6, 2010 at 08:52 PM
    (Continued from earlier post) Mr. Hank, the state and it's municipalities have the right to limit liquor licenses and the DEA regulates the issuing of pharmaceutical licenses to dispense. If you are actually going to refer to marijuana as 'medicine', let's make sure it's regulated as such. Certified, legitimate pharmacists under strict licensing should be the only persons allowed to dispense medication; especially CSA Schedule (I) narcotics. These alleged 'patients' are allowed to self-medicate with a known (psychologically) addictive drug. (DSM-IV TR 304.30 = Cannabis Dependence -- a universally recognized psychiatric diagnosis for those addicted to cannabis) If you want to defend the rights of those using cannabis with this absent-of-logic rational, what is to say that other patients who suffer from chronic pain and are legitimately prescribed opiate-based medications (oxycodone) cannot keep using as much as they want, as often as they want? Ever heard of Dronabinol?
  • by Dennis Location: Ingham County on Dec 6, 2010 at 08:48 PM
    This is absolutely ridiculous. When are these politicians going to wake up and realize that Marijuana is not the evil drug that it is perceived to be. How many meds have been pulled by the FDA that have been offered for years and now show direct harm, Darvocet is a most recent analgesic that is more harmful then pot. What about the harm of alcohol on individuals and families, seems to me to be a lot more harmful. The law was voted on and passed by the people of MI and therefor all these anti pot groups and ill-informed people need to become educated and learn to just suck it up and realize that Marijuana either for medical or recreational use is not the devil that it is made out to be. I know these people like Carol Wood would just love people to have to go back into the dark alleys to buy it but really that is a dangerous position that just contributes to the criminal element of the drug world. It's LEGAL for Medical use period, get off your high horses and suck it up, we will be fine
  • by Scott Location: Lansing on Dec 6, 2010 at 08:42 PM
    I don't even know where to begin with this story. First of all let me be completely clear, I am 100% in support of our military. However, for a U.S. Marine to admit that he has purchased marijuana illegally ["People fall through all the time, can't get it for you, or can't make time for you."] absolutely boils my blood. All military persons swear an oath to defend this country from threats foreign and/or domestic. The U.S. Federal Government still classifies Cannabis as an illegal narcotic. Mr. Eifenbein, I thank you for your service to this country. But that does not entitle you to become a criminal and summarily dismiss the laws you once fought to defend, as well as now receive benefits for doing so. If you disagree with the laws so sternly, give up your government benefits and stop complaining about wanting your cake and eating it too. For Attorney Hank, it is nothing like limiting doctors. (To be continued in next post as I am running out of characters)
  • by Anonymous on Dec 6, 2010 at 07:55 PM
    dope for the dopes.
  • by stan on Dec 6, 2010 at 06:25 PM
    Get over it, smoking pot doesn't re leave any pain. You're just a burn out! I can't believe this law was ever passed!
  • by Joe Location: Mason on Dec 6, 2010 at 05:08 PM
    Not to be a jerk, but I can't beleive the number of typos, and the wrong word usage with in the body of the story. If the reporter entered the story, she should learn to be more careful next time.
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